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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mayham’s Mixers – Drinking in Vegas

Drinking and Gambling – This is what I do in Vegas. I’ve never been to a show, never gone golfing, shopping, received a massage or gone on a helicopter ride. The best nights I’ve had in Vegas have been when I’ve been riding a hot streak at the tables and a perfect buzz all night long. Every story has two tales though and for me, some of the worst nights in Vegas all center around one thing, getting really drunk and either passing out early or getting myself into a regrettable situation. I’ll go into the details of these mishaps another time.

With that being said here are five tips to help you end up with a perfect buzz all trip long. Some of these might seem obvious, but for a Vegas rookie or an inexperienced 21 year old they could make all the difference.

1. Drinking in Vegas is a marathon, not a sprint. This is especially tough to keep in perspective your first night in Sin City. If you are like me then you get super fired up on the plane or car ride over and are ready to jump out of your own body to get the drinking and gambling started. Just remember, if you have 6 shots as soon as you arrive, the first night of your trip could be over before it gets started.

2. Stay consistent with your drinks. This is just a basic rule of thumb for drinking. Don’t go mixing whiskey on the rocks with shots of soco followed by a few margaritas - then a couple beers and a white Russian followed by straight Tequila. This greatly improves your chances of throwing up and of having a severe hangover the next day.

3. When you’re at the tables go for gold, order the high end stuff. A lot of people will just order vodka or gin and tonic, a whiskey and coke and end up getting some cheap booze out of a plastic bottle. Many casinos will give you some of the higher end stuff if you specifically ask for it. If you order Vodka, ask for Grey Goose or Ketel One, if you like Whiskey then ask for some Crown or Makers, it can make a huge difference the next morning.

4. Drink Cheap! Drinks may be free at the tables or slots but they are damn pricey inside clubs or at casino bars. There is no reason to blow a bunch of money on drinks all night when you can sit at a penny slot and drink for free (or nearly free). If you’re on the way to a club then try to hit up some casinos with cheap drink specials on your way, like O’sheas or Casino Royale. The more buzzed you are heading into the club the less 10 dollar beers you’ll need to buy to keep it going.

5. Bring a flask. Vegas is great, you can drink out on the street while walking to and from your favorite spots. Bring a flask with your favorite booze as a backup in case you walk out of a casino empty handed and want to continue the good times while you walk.

One last thing – Be smart about it all. You’re in Vegas so no need to drink and drive anywhere and if you start to feel like you are losing control, just wait an hour or so until you have your next drink. Feel free to leave additional tips and comments below guys.



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  1. number 1 is very important... i once flew in on a wednesday night... got super loaded... rest of the week sucked donkey balls