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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer of George Vegas Trip 2011 - Part I

Loyal Rhino Nights Readers, I would like to introduce you to the newest member and contributor to the Rhino Nights Crew..... 6-8 Party.  Please enjoy his first post recapping his recent Vegas Vacation!

After many days of decompressing, I am ready to reveal the many details of my past Vegas trip.  Just to get you up to speed, my wife and I have an 11 year old daughter who goes to visit my wife's side of the family every summer, for 6 weeks.  This precious span of days is known as the Summer of George, a la Seinfeld.  This year we vowed to make the most of it!

This Vegas tripped was planned as all great Vegas trips are, drunkenly at Lucky Strike Torrance.  We got a great deal through our friends Greg and Brie at the Las Vegas Hilton for, wait for it, $139 June 30th - July 4th.  This would be my longest trip in Vegas since NYE-Y2K which was a week long.

We arrived via JetBlue which is great since most people's final destination on the plane is Vegas.  There is a definite sense of party-time on the Long Beach to Las Vegas route versus the LAX to Las Vegas to Detroit route, for example. Anyway, we checked in to the Las Vegas Hilton which is slightly removed from the Strip but still accessible due to the Monorail (which is awesome except that it closes at 3am on the weekends and 2am during the week….work on it Monorail).  The LVH is very open and wide.  It is has a 1970's version of a classy feel.  The weird part is that if you head in a certain direction it turns into a sci-fi theme where the remnants of the old Star Trek Experience sit.  I am glad I had a chance to experience it during its short life span.

Being removed from the Strip we were all expecting $5 minimums but we were disappointed to find only $10 minimums and higher, even on craps!  The clientele was $5 minimum types too which added to the confusion.  The rooms were nice and biggish.  HD TVs and big bathrooms.  The pillows were awesome, too.

We landed around 7:15pm so after checking in we decided to high tail it to the PBR Rockbar where on Thursday nights from 10pm - 12am they offer an open bar to people who follow them on Twitter.  Needless to say, I quickly followed them while waiting in the 10 person line, in which we were in the front.  We were let in, got wristbands, and headed to the bar.  At this point, I was waiting for the catch to all this.  What's the fine print, we can only order Kir Royales?  Nope, no catch.  Just beer, wine and well drinks which is more than enough for good times.  When I heard about the plan to go to the PBR Rockbar I thought it was going to be ding-dang-dongish but it was really nice and they have a patio right on the Strip.

6-8 Party

Check back tomorrow for Part II, the saga continues!  Also, check out all of our Vegas related content by clicking here!

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  1. The PBR Rockbar deal seems sweet! Good work man!