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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our Vegas Weekend

Here are some random thoughts about our Vegas Weekend...

Don't fly Spirit Air. When we arrived at the airport in San Diego our flight was delayed until 12:30 am with no guarantee it would depart at all. We scrambled and got on a Southwest flight.

Normally we stay in the center of the strip, however this time around we stayed at the Luxor. Definitely a different vibe in this area. We were excited to be staying in a pyramid room, but we were bumped to a tower room. We didn't have a great view but the room was spacious and nice.

The pool at Luxor was a pleasant surprise. Lots of space, good setup, and fair drink prices for a pool in LV.

Had dinner at Tender in the Luxor. Everything was excellent except my steak, a ribeye. We highly recommend starting with a cheese plate.

Overall the gambling was cold though I hit my first ever straight flush on a video poker machine.

Biggest news of the trip was Burns proposing to his girl (she said yes!)

Burns and his lady were close to a big win on a deal or no deal game. They had a case with over 200 but took the deal when it came down to the last two cases. The other case had 4 cents and they walked with 100, not bad after spending 2 bucks on the machine.

The odds for future sports bets at MGM casinos aren't good. The odds for the skins to win the super bowl are 25 - 1 at MGM properties and 50-1 at Tropicana.

Sundays in Vegas are rough if you've been losing.

The end.



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  1. It's always good to see a pic like this when the child gaming had the wherewithal to bet max credits! Well done! -BlackChip