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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rhino Trips: Stateline 2013

Stateline 2013 was a huge success!  The trip included an all-star cast consisting of myself, Black Chip, Mayham, the Goose, Burns, the Ric, the Point Maker and none other than the man who invented the Stateline as a destination – Gar-Bear!

Four of us drove in from Los Angeles and four from San Diego, with the plan to meet at the California/Nevada Stateline for 24 hours of fun!  Black Chip found a TravelZoo deal for one night at Buffalo Bill’s, unlimited rides, and a dining credit of $25.  Once we all decided this was not to be passed up, we all moved quickly on the deal.  We made shirts acknowledging this historic event as well.

Buffalo Bill’s is a symbol of Vegas’ themed resorts past.   Outside are two rides – Desperado roller coaster and a log flume ride (which actually traverses the casino inside as well).  After some room beers with the group we went directly to the rides.  The Desperado was closed unfortunately, so most of us tried out the log flume, which is basically the only other ride.  I was hoping for a “nesting” situation where you had to sit in between the rider’s legs behind you and I was happy to see that was the case.

After a few consecutive rides on the log flume, we moved onto the Tree Bar.  The Tree Bar is one of the Crown Jewels of Buffalo Bill’s.  There you can enjoy $2 beers and $1 hot dogs.  Just a word of warning, I believe more than 50% of us puked after consuming the hot dogs, I was one of the lucky ones.  All eight of us sat at the Tree Bar and played VP for a while and then moved onto craps.

This is where it gets fuzzy…I know we ate dinner at GP’s Steakhouse @ Primm which was great!  We moved on back to Buffalo Bill’s where we saw the cover band “Mischief” perform and Stage Bar.  We agreed the drummer, bassist, and lead singer were actually performing, while the keyboardist was just resting her hands on an unplugged keyboard.

I passed out around 12am which IS A VERY POOR SHOWING and I apologize.  We will be back Stateline!  Get ready for us!

6-8 Party

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  1. Very poor description of the amazing Craps that were had. I'm disappointed. They were epic. And I fucking hate that word.